Editor and Writer
Communication continues to be at the heart of my work, which has evolved from journalism to a variety of other interests. Here is a brief summary of my specific writing and editing experience.
  • Journalism and history degree from Syracuse University
  • Nine years of newspaper, television and radio reporting
  • Assistant editor, Center for the Study of Writing at UC-Berkeley
  • Communications specialist for Sodak Gaming of Rapid City,
    South Dakota
  • Copyeditor for Deadwood Magazine and The Rapid City Reporter
  • Author of eight series westerns for the Berkley Publishing Group in New York (under a “house name”)
  • Editor of an oral history series for the Getty Museum of Los Angeles
The high point of my career has been
the book Exploring with Custer, a
three-year adventure that grew out of
a fascination with the first recorded
exploration of the Black Hills in 1874.
As author, editor and designer of the narrative portion — as well as the production artist — I was able to choose copy and place maps in a way that made each page work as a cohesive unit. Exploring with Custer earned reviewers’ praise and won “best book” awards from both of the national associations that support the Little Big Horn Battlefield. It is a good example of the combined skills I can bring to your publication.
Ernest Grafe
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